Certificate Ceremony – Competition in Oratory

Hosted at the Faculty of Political Science University of Belgrade, the Certificate Ceremony for the first annual Oratory competition at the Faculty of Political Science was attended by the Dean of the Faculty Professor Ilija Vujacic, Full Professor Dobrivoje Stanojevic and Assistant Lidija Mirkov.

The participants of the competition were all presented with certificates of recognition as well as tokens for their participation, while the two winners were presented with special certificates. During the event, participants were allowed to suggest to the Dean of the Faculty ways in which the competition could be improved and how the Faculty could contribute more to developing the competition.

The competition follows a workshop – ‘Applied Rhetoric’, which was organized by Assistant Lidija Mirkov in corporation with the Faculty. The workshop had numerous special guests from active politicians to professional actors and journalists.

Both Professor Stanojevic and Dean Vujacic voiced the hope that a tradition would be developed where the Competition would last for a long time to come.


Mikhail E.D. Byng


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