Did we just find Belgrade’s Mayor!?



Turning a relatively mundane spot into what could only be described as a cathedral for dancehall and reggae, Tommy T and his partner in crime DJ Shone Alcapone create an atmosphere that even the most die-hard passa passa reveller must respect.

Walking into what has now almost become the home of dancehall & reggae get downs in Belgrade, KPTM, located at Zorza Klemansoa – a small distance away from the cluster of night-spots in the city centre, appears to be the ideal location to accommodate the noise and revelry usually associated with Caribbean jam sessions. Jamaican native Tommy T and his Serbian counterpart and ‘brother’ Belgrade native Shone Alcapone deliver an event that can’t be found anywhere else in this part of the world.

From DJ Shone’s skill and sound selection on the turn-tables to Tommy T’s chanting and free-styling on the mic, there’s an aura of constant activity and a feeling of never ending action. As opposed to many of the other night-spots, there seems to be not too much standing or looking around at what others are doing. It’s a real party.

If Belgrade is the capital of nightlife in Europe, we may have just found the mayor, Tommy T.

Author: Mikhail E.D. Byng


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