The Producer from Durban with the Belgrade Connection


The set-up is simple but the vibe different; being around STK at work, you could sense the anticipation, whether its creating a new beat from scratch or witnessing the intensity of him laying down some new lyrics, its clear that its only a matter of time before his music gets the recognition it deserves.

Coming from Durban South Africa, Sthoko Mkhize aka STK was always a fan of hip hop & rap music, after moving to Belgrade his love for the music has only increased, to the point of now repping his home town in a city where the party hip hop scene is only growing.

As a testament to how global the genre of hip hop has now become, and how engrained in global ‘pop’ culture it is, STK, through his very own DMP – Durban Music Productions, has enlisted talented collaborators from all over the world. Originally meeting up as college students, DMP has formed itself into a group of collaborators from as far as the Caribbean to Africa, featuring on each others individual projects and doing a great deal of work together.

As one of the newest and freshest acts at the heart of the Belgrade Hip Hop, Urban, Reggae/ Dancehall revolution stands STK and his collection of talent under DMP, including musicians like Tommy T, JT, Lynkx & Eleazer – artists who all insist on letting their music and talent speak for itself.

There’s no argument concerning the fact that most of them are now at the beginning of their musical journey, but they believe in the quality of their content and in the sincerity of their stories which is expressed through their lyrics.

Many producers evolve into full blown artists, from world famous acts like a Kanye West, Pharrell, Ty Dolla Sign,(not to put too much pressure on this producer), but the path is one that STK appears to be prepared to follow – let’s hope that the future brings him only more success.

Mikhail E.D. Byng


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